what happens in Rome

Must include the Capitoline she-wolf, stylized too, and the word "Roma".
There are other rules for participating in the contest launched by Comune di Roma (Municipality of Rome) to create the new logo of the city of Rome, a symbol that in the near future will complement the official heraldic shield-institutional SPQR.
The new logo will serve to revitalize the image of Rome enhancing their visibility in the immediate wake of what has been done in other cities, like New York with the famous I Love NY with the red heart . It will be the basis of the merchandising and the internationalization of Rome and in the future could become even quality mark.
The contest is called "Roma in un'immagine" will be open to all.
Can therefore participate not only the agencies and communication professionals but also students and graduates.
Proposals must be submitted to the Dipartimento XVII within October 6th and is a prize of 40,000 euros.
In addition to future glory for the world to have been the symbol of the eternal city.

source: www.06blog.it