how much do you want to spend?

You choose how many to spend on a stay. You can get a room in a luxury $ 19 (bed not included) In this period of crisis, where people book their holidays looking hotel, bed and breakfast, holiday homes that offer the lowest price for a summer holiday, which begins here the guerrillas. There is the use of last minute offers, discounts, promotions, but there are those who, even more astute, he decided to prevail over their competitors by implementing marketing strategies for shock and displace all. The luxury hotel in San Diego Rancho Bernardo Inn is not the protagonist. He decided to try a new frontier of marketing, offering customers a revolutionary pricing model called "The Survivor Package". The idea of the initiative is simple: ask customers gripped by the crisis "on what would be willing to give up" for a discount on the price of a room. And help them with a very special price list: a room for two people including breakfast costs $ 219 a night, but giving up various facilities can cost less.
Here is the price list:

• $ 199 without breakfast
• $ 179 without frigobar
• $ 159 without air conditioning or heating
• $ 139 without cushions (!)
• $ 109 without linen
• $ 89 without lights (!)
• $ 59 without linen
• $ 39 without Toilet Articles
• $ 19 without beds

Obviously this is a shocking, since it is doubtful whether there is someone to agree to stay in a luxury sleeping on the floor ... nothing but comfort!
But certainly the hotel Rancho Bernardo Inn has managed to get publicity with a proposal that capture the attention of the curious. In my opinion it is not a strategy to be underestimated, there are people who love adventure, to experience new situations and this seems to DOC.

On return from holiday will always say: "I have stayed in a luxury hotel! "
They will keep details for themselves.

Tourists invited to taste spaghetti on the streets

If you see around in downtown of Rome waiters in hand with a nice plate of pasta know that's th last idea of restaurants to attract new customers.
In fact, tourists are tasting tipical dishes then decide whether or not sit in the room.
This happens nearby of Piazza di Spagna, Piazza Navona and Piazza Venezia, but certainly not a pleasure to residents who were opposed to this phenomenon which would be in the eyes of foreigners the image of a city "where the tourists come from chickens plucking. "
It will not be passed unnoticed by the story of the bill presented to the two Japanese tourists.

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